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Initial Consultation

After you make contact with us, our company president, Scott, will arrange an appointment to meet in person and discuss the work to be performed. This is a free, no-obligation consultation lasting approximately 45 minutes. We'll ask some questions about what you want to have done, take measurements and take some photos of the space being renovated. We encourage you to ask any questions, as this consultation is as much about you getting to know us as it is about us getting to know your needs.


Bid Proposal

At Freys we believe in the importance of transparency. Instead of an estimate, we issue a bid proprosal. The price on the proposal is the exact amount you would pay with no hidden extra fees.

The bid proposal is a contract that  describes exactly what will happen and how much it will cost. It's sent via email or presented in person. We'll follow up within 5-7 days of presenting the bid proposal.


Design Phase

After you agree to the bid proposal, Scott will meet and sign the contract. This is where the fun begins! We will set up appointments with vendors such as Raleigh Kitchen and Bath Galleries to pick out tiles, fixtures, etc. After the initial consult to pick out features your designer can provide you  with a 3D rendering for your approval. On large projects an architect or structural engineer may also be required. A construction manager is assigned to your job. He or she will be your main point of contact and will be present on the job site every day.


Site Preparation

During the contract signing, we will spend about 15 minutes going over site preparation and let you know what to expect. This will include things such as placement of portable toilet, dumpster, points of access for the workers and what the home-owner needs to do to prepare the space. All furniture and belongings should be removed from the space being renovated. Renovation creates a lot of dust and workers will be in and out of the space. We do our best to minimize impact by using plastic coverings to protect your floors and belongings.



Once the site is ready, construction begins. The length of time for this phase varies depending on the project, but here are some rough time estimates to give you an idea:

Hall Bathroom: 3-4 weeks
Master Bathroom: 5-6 weeks
Kitchen: 6-7 weeks
Screened Porch: 4 weeks.
3rd floor / Basement: 6-7 weeks
Additions: 1-2 months
Deck: 1 week

The typical workday begins around 8:30-9 AM and ends at 5PM, Monday through Saturday. Scott will be there in person on the first day to introduce the construction manager that will be running your project. Scott will check in at least twice a week to be sure everything is being done to his high expectations.


Wrapping Up

After construction is done, we'll perform a homeowner walk thru/orientation. Scott will personally review the renovation and prepare his own punch list of any minor cosmetic issues that need to be fixed. The homeowner may also add their own items to this list. At this time, If necessary, Scott will explain how new features work. For example, if a water shut off valve has been added or moved in a renovation, or a new tankless water heater has been installed, he'll walk you through how to use it. The work crew will have 5-7 days to fix any items on the punch list. Final payment is not due until this list is completed and you are 100% satisfied with the work. Our 3-year warranty starts the minute final payment is received.


What to Expect in a Remodel

Having remodeling done is extremely exciting, but - be aware - it is an inconvenience for the home owner. There will be dust, a lot of noise, a portable toilet and dumpster in the front yard, gentlemen in and out of the house all day. If hardwood floors are being installed it will be necessary to leave the house for 3-4 days after the finish is applied. Remodeling is not a walk in the park by any means and it's important for the home owner to understand this and be mentally prepared for it going in. At Freys we take care of your house and treat it as if it were our own.  We will make the maximum effort to minimize the dust & noise that are a part of any remodeling project.


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